Dana Dabransky naturopathic family practitioner

Dr. Dana Dabransky

Dana Dabransky, ND is a naturopathic family practitioner with a focus on prevention and wellness. Dr. Dabransky earned her degree in naturopathic medicine from Bastyr University in Seattle, WA and completed her residency at The George Washington Center for Integrative Medicine in Washington, DC. Dr. Dabransky treats men, women, children, teens and seniors. In addition to offering primary care preventative services, Dr. Dabransky has specific strengths in working with complaints pertaining to digestive health, joint and immune health, women’s and children’s health, mental health, fitness and respiratory health.

Empowerment and patient education are mainstays to her practice of naturopathic medicine. Whole foods nutrition, breathing techniques, fitness counseling, and yoga are incorporated into to her patient encounters, providing tangible tools for health promotion. As a naturopathic physician, Dr. Dabransky is an expert in the effective use of herbal, nutrient and homeopathic medicines, allowing for less reliance on high-force and high-cost interventions. Having received special training in homeopathy, Dr. Dabransky uses this gentle and effective medicine to support patients’ innate ability to heal.

Born and raised outside of Boston, MA Dr. Dabransky is excited to be offering primary care naturopathic services on the East Coast and working collaboratively with the team of excellent doctors at Vermont Naturopathic. In her leisure time Dr. Dabransky enjoys traveling, running, cooking, yoga, horseback riding, skiing and spending time with friends, family and animals.