Primary Care

Vermont Naturopathic Clinic provides a wide range of adult primary care services through the following physicians:

Jessica Stadtmauer, ND

Dana Dabransky, ND

Michael Stadtmauer ND, LAc

Primary care services offered in a naturopathic clinic include:

Acute illness care

Chronic disease management including management of asthma, diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, arthritis and other conditions

Care for minor injuries and wounds including lacerations, sprains and strains, in-grown toe nails.

Cerumen removal

Dermatologic procedures such as skin biopsy and lesion removal

Preventive services including

    • Annual physical exams including work and school physicals
    • Review of past and family history for determining risk factors for preventable illnesses
    • Dietetic and lifestyle counseling
    • Immunization counseling and administration
    • Age appropriate screening studies such as laboratory testing and diagnostic imaging for early detection of preventable illnesses.

Most insurance plans now cover one wellness visit per year and some preventive medicines, such as immunizations, and drugs for diabetes, which are covered services that is not subject to a deductible and is fully covered.  Check with your insurance plan to take advantage of a wellness visit for preventive medicine services.