Guided Meditations

Research shows us that meditation can be an effective tool to help with many health problems, including menstrual conditions, menopausal symptoms, anxiety and mental health disorders, neurological disorders, and autoimmune illnesses. It can also help with the distress of dealing with a chronic illness like cancer.

Young Woman Meditating on the FloorThese guided meditations were recorded by and graciously shared with us by naturopathic physician Dr. Brad Lichtenstein ( Download these mp3 files to incorporate into your own practice.

If you are new to meditation:

  • Let go of the expectation that you will be able to do this ‘perfectly’.
  • Meditation, a kind of exercise for the mind, is similar to lifting weights. It takes time to be able to concentrate for longer stretches of time.
  • The mind naturally wanders. Each moment that you come back to focusing on the meditation, your mind is getting stronger.
  • Even if you’re only able to focus for a few seconds over a 15-minute stretch, you are benefitting from the practice.

Note: These meditations are not associated with any religious or spiritual tradition or denomination. Patients with any personal beliefs can benefit from these.

MP3 Files:

1 – Intro to Progressive Muscle Relaxation (4:37)

2 – Progressive Muscle Relaxation (16:26)

3 – Meditation for Relaxation (16:19)

4 – Heart-Centered Meditation (15:16)

5 – Safe Place Guided Visualization (19:12)



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